Carnal vs Spiritual Christians

Carnal Versus Spiritual Christians

The Corinthian church was not a perfect church; as a matter of fact it was one of the most messed up churches in the bible. There was sin in the Corinthian church that Paul said wasn’t even herd among the heathen.

I have below excerpts from Lilian Yeomans “Healing for Heaven”

God’s will is revealed in His creative work. “And God saw everything that He had made and behold it was very good” Genesis 1:31. I believe one of the greatest hindrances to healing is the absence of certain definite knowledge as to God’s will. There is lurking in most of us a feeling that He may not be willing that we have to persuade Him to heal us. People often say “I know that He is able; He has power if He only will”

That wasn’t the way David prayed: he cried in Psalm 6:2, have mercy upon me O Lord for I am weak O Lord heal me for my bones are vexed. He was evidently very ill indeed and the excruciating pains in his bones might have been due to his extreme debility, for he goes on in fourth and fifth verses imploring God to deliver him from impending death and then adds in the ninth verse, the Lord hath heard my supplication the Lord will receive my prayer.

There are no ifs or buts in that prayer. The prophet Jeremiah too had no doubt about God’s will as to healing for he cried Heal me O Lord and I shall be healed save me and I shall be saved Jeremiah 17:14. And we, God’s people of this day should be as free from doubt regarding our fathers will for our bodies as they were for it is as clearly revealed in the word as His will concerning the salvation of our souls.

In a sense the whole bible is a revelation not only of His willingness to heal our spiritual ailments but our physical ones also. One of His covenant names is “the Lord that healeth” (Jehovah Rapha) and He is also the Lord that changeth not, the changeless healing, health-bestowing, life giving Lord, undisputed Sovereign over all powers of the universe.

Man prior to the fall was in some sense in the image of God even as to his physical constitution and there is no doubt that we have not at the present time any adequate idea of what a glorious being he was. Strong, beautiful, perfectly proportioned, magnificent, he stood forth a majestic and worthy head of creation. God created man the head of a new order of beings, perfect in spirit, soul, and body, free from all deformity and disease a reflection of the beauty and glories of his creator. “Whatever God doeth it shall be forever” Eccl 3:14. So this is His eternal purpose concerning us.

The marring of God’s masterpiece, man, in spirit, soul and body is the work of that maligned being called Satan which he affected by leading him to transgress God’s law thus introducing sin into the world with all its disastrous results. Once a man gets out of line with God’s will he is open to all sorts of satanic power which entering him defiles deforms and ultimately destroys every part of his threefold being. The thief cometh not, but for to steal and to kill and to destroy: I am come that they might have life and that might have it more abundantly. John 10:10.

But our refuge is in God and He will not fail us. His eternal purpose that we should be perfect as our heavenly Father is perfect, revealed in His creative work as well as being explicitly stated in the text of the Word remains unchanged. He has made provision for its fulfillment in you and me; for Jesus Christ was manifested to destroy the works of the devil (1 John 3:8) whether sin, sickness or death so that we may be preserved blameless in spirit, soul and body unto His glorious appearing Faithful is he that calleth you who also will do it (1 Thess 5:24).

We are to cast our diseases on the same Lord we cast all our sins upon. His Spirit coming in must banish all as far as the east is from the west. The life of God in the soul of man must mean that the diseases of men go like the sins of men in the fire of the divine life and the divine love.


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